Who we are


CrystalClear Capital Partners is a company with three official partners and many other trusted partnerships with expertise in specific areas that work together to grow our client's business and wealth.


We choose the name CrystalClear because of the feedback we’ve received over the years from clients about how much they appreciate our transparent, direct approach to give them the straight goods.  Crystals are transparent and valuable, so are our approach and the services we provide.


We’ve spent decades working in all areas of finance, which is where the Capital in the name is derived.  We’ve worked in the public & private investment world and insurance markets as licensed individuals as well as educated hundreds of advisors all across the country.  We’ve run our own real estate funds, raised tens of millions in private capital and helped business owners grow their public and private companies’ values to over $100 million.  Our experience has allowed us to see and analyze many different strategies to determine what really works best for business owners.


We treat all of our clients like true partners and have partnered with best-in-class professionals to add even more value to our clients.  Our collaborative approach amongst the team is what allows us to deliver unique and valuable solutions that business owners can’t find anywhere else.

Our Approach

From a wealth-building perspective, we focus first on strategies that minimize taxes paid, maximize tax-free growth and shift as much money from your corp into your personal hands tax-free.  We start on the accounting side and work out from there.  This eliminates possible conflicts of interest by creating the best plan from a tax perspective and not focusing in on particular products or services that generate more revenue.

From a business growth perspective, we open up our network and offer insight on successful marketing strategies to increase revenue.  We also look to add fuel to the growth fire by bringing financing options to grow your business or to provide financing to your clients for the purchase of your products or services.

Our two-pronged approach compounds our results and is a real game-changer for our clients!

Our committed team

Kevin Ziolkoski



Kerry Lum



Sean McMann



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