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Kerry Lum

Kerry Lum, Principal

Vancouver, BC

Kerry began his career in commercial real estate and from 1991 to present, Kerry has been involved with numerous commercial and residential real estate transactions including land development, project marketing, commercial leasing, investment and land syndication . From 2004 to 2010, Kerry worked as an associate and principal for a real estate investment syndication firm located in western Canada. Since 2004, Mr. Lum has been involved in real estate transactions in excess of $150 M as principal, partner or contracted associate.

Since 2010 Kerry serves as a trustee in a private REIT, Phoenix Capital Fund – US, that focused on Las Vegas residential properties. Mr. Lum currently asset manages over 220 properties and worked with Exempt Market Dealers and IIROC firms throughout Canada. 

Sean McMann

Sean McMann, Vice President

Private Equity & Finance
Victoria, BC

Sean started working in the financial industry as a financial advisor immediately after graduating university with his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2005. He’s worked for two of Canada’s big banks, larger exempt market dealers and life insurance MGA’s before joining BlueShore Capital Partners in 2017.  Working in the public, private and insurance markets has helped Sean build a very large network of financial firms and professionals.

Sean started working in private equity in 2008 and has raised capital for dozens of different investment opportunities all across North America.  He founded his own company called AIMS Investing in 2011 with his wife Kate, which focused on helping investors diversify into the exempt market.  He was licensed with two of the two largest exempt market dealers in the country, which allowed him to build a large network in the private equity space.  Working with Sean to gain access to his network is extremely valuable for any company looking gain exposure in the exempt market. 

Sean was also one of six members across Canada on the Product Advisory Committee for Pinnacle Wealth Brokers.  The committee advised Pinnacle on the types of new investments their clients were looking for and provided input on how to best structure the investment.  The three years Sean spent on this committee have given him great insight on exactly how to create every aspect of an exempt market fund, so that it will be widely adopted by advisors and investors.

Norm Dupas

Norm Dupas

Marketing & Finance Executive
Winnipeg, MB

Norm Dupas is a seasoned business professional with 30 years of diversified leadership experience as a business owner, marketing/business consultant, and award-winning pharmaceutical sales representative.

As a visionary executive, Norm conceptualizes unique business, sales, and marketing concepts to provide a competitive edge and capitalize on market niches. With a consistent track record of analyzing and re-engineering organizations of varied sizes in different sectors, he has successfully improved companies’ revenues, efficiencies, corporate image, customer service, employee culture, and bottom line profits. With a financial acumen, he can develop measurable metrics for performance and analyze financial data to identify targeted strategic business and financing plans.

As a founder, entrepreneur and senior leader of several businesses (Niva 10 Corp., Thermea Nature Spa by le Nordik in Winnipeg, Cottages at Clear Lake, CinDen Nutritionals, and Labelle Florists), he has a proven track record of recognizing opportunities and bringing individuals and groups together for a common cause to form successful enterprises.

Acknowledged for his enthusiasm, sense of humour and motivational personality, Norm can build consensus with and inspire team members to meet organizational objectives and high standards. Norm is fully bilingual in English and French.

Kevin Ziolkoski

Kevin Ziolkoski, Principal

Winnipeg, MB

Kevin began his professional career in corporate lean manufacturing as a junior purchasing agent. He eventually became the Global Sourcing Manager where he oversaw $340M worth of contractual spend and several teams of employees. Being a large proponent of continued personal growth, Kevin decided to focus on his passion and accepted a position with a private equity firm.

All told to date, Kevin has been acutely involved with private businesses across Canada, predominantly in the sectors of structured finance, both residential and commericial real estate, technology, oil & gas, and leasing.  Kevin’s experience includes being a Director of a commercial private real estate issuing and, more recently, expanded into assisting publicly listed, private equity firms and, through partnership, having access to deep, ready debt capital to finance 100% of a company’s growth requirements. Combining his successes in working with entrepreneurs in the Private Equity world with his high level experiences in a multibillion dollar operation gives Kevin the ability to guide organizations from inception to industry leader. As a Principal of BlueShore Capital Partners, Kevin builds the firm’s success through impeccable internal leadership.

Kevin holds his Certificate in Management (CIM) Designation, which he attained in 2000 from the University of Manitoba, and completed his Financial Exempt Market Products (EMP) course in 2010.

Barry Hartley

Barry Hartley, Vice President

Business Relations
Winnipeg, MB

Barry provides diverse experience in the world of Finance and Business. He started his own business in 1987. It involved the retail, construction, manufacturing and service sectors. After selling his company in 2007 he worked as a Small Business Banker and continued on to manage a large Branch for the Bank of Montreal before moving back to his business roots in 2016.

A Business Admin graduate of Red River College, Barry has provided consultative services through involvement with community groups that include Chambers’ of Commerce, Community Futures and Rotary International.

Barry is passionate about helping business to succeed and extols that entrepreneurial spirit is the backbone of this country. Understanding business and working with growth oriented companies is the fuel Barry uses to drive success for the clients of Blueshore Capital Partners. The financing options for business can be complex. Share your plans with this financial leader and he will help you reach your goals.

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