Commercial Financing

Pandemic Small Business Funding Program

We know that many small businesses have been hit very hard from Covid-19, but still have a viable business even though they may not currently qualify for conventional financing or government assistance.  That’s why we’ve put together our Small Business Funding Package to help local business get back on the right track!

Our Program Offers…

  • The legal documentation required to raise money from qualified private investors
  • Setting up a structure that is transparent and provides ongoing reporting to investors
  • Consulting on what terms are fair to both the investors and business owner
  • Specifics on the people you can and should speak to in order to raise the funds
  • The ability to raise as much money as you want from your network
  • The flexibility to have investors lend money at a set interest rate or purchase equity
  • Minimum upfront cost of $1,000, total cost of $1,500-$5000 depending on requirements
  • The ability to accept registered (RRSP, RRIF, TFSA) & non-registered (cash) funds.

Growing Too Fast?

Landed a massive new order from a large Client and don’t have enough cash to fulfil the order?  Scared to market to the larger businesses in fear of not having the capital to deliver when a large order comes?

If you believe, like we do, that Working Capital is the trickiest thing to manage and, more importantly, Access for SME’s (Small/Medium Enterprise $1M – $50M in Annual Revenue), then we simply need to talk.

We have the ability to advance you through the stages of capital requirements to fund your business’ growth.

Types of financing

Working Capital Loans

A working capital loan provides funding for the every day operations of your company.

Equipment Leasing

Grow your business more effectively by adding equipment you need now with Leasing, so it pays for itself monthly.

Private-label Financing Programs

Significantly increase your sales by positioning a payment plan, finance option to your Clients.

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